Written by Tia

I’m here in Lehi baby sitting overnight for my brother. He has 3 cute kids. Tonight their elementary school had a fund raiser – a beach party. They hired a DJ and had the lights off in the gym/cafeteria for the dance and were selling Hot Dogs, Chips and Shasta in the hall. The kids wanted to eat first so we got our goods and sat down. Here’s how a little snippet went between me and my nephew TJ who is 5 1/2.TJ: “Will you open my drink?”Tia: “Sure.”I open the can of Orange shasta and hand it to him. He takes a big gulp.TJ: “Wow, this is really good. How do they make this taste so good?”Tia: “I don’t know. I’m glad you like it.”TJ: (staring down into the can) “It’s spicy.”25 seconds go by and he is still staring into the can, “This pop has lots of spices in it I guess.”It was so cute.After we ate the yucky boiled hot dog chased by a few chips and a gulp of warm soda we entered the dance. I told them to stay in the gym and if anyone tried to take them to scream really loud. Instead, Erica (8 years old) got kissed on the cheek by a boy, Nathan (11 years old) hopped around on one foot most of the time and I taught TJ the Sprinkler, the Running Man and the Hula in the corner. It was all about having a good time.***For the record, my “Blog Blank” post wasn’t to solicit pity or to make anyone feel bad for not commenting. I was just in a funk and couldn’t think of anything to write and was being self-depracating by saying that only 2 people read my blog. I didn’t mean to make you all feel guilty – but the by product was lots of comments and I’m okay with that, so keep them coming! 🙂

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