Daily Meals

10 year olds can be brutal

Just got back from teaching 10 year old cub scouts about meal planning and the food guide pyramid.  They were tough!  I could barely get through what I planned to say, cause they had a TON of irrelevant comments.  Oh well, I kind of expected that.

Since I didn’t actually get a breakfast today, I sat down to

Cereal with greek yogurt on top (I have NEVER liked milk on my cereal)
some toast with agave nectar
And of course for dessert, some more almond butter with semi-sweet chocolate chips on top. I can’t wait till those are gone and I can’t be tempted anymore. Its tough to acheive ultimate hotness, if I’m shoveling almond butter and chocolate in my mouth everyday!
All of that was SUPER filling. I shouldn’t need anything to eat until at least 3:00. Still trying to figure out what is for dinner. I should have made a menu plan like I made those webelos do.

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