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Body For Life Day 4

Easy cardio today. Sort of a “rest” day if you will. 3 intervals on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Then walked on the treadmill for 15.  My food choices today were spot on though.

Horrid pictures of my 8am Egg whites with salsa, oatmeal with raspberries and protein powder.  Sorry so horrible.



10am, The Chicken Ranch salad from the Body for Life cookbook: Delicious blend of chicken, black beans, corn, red pepper, and red onion.

DSC_1015 12:30: Baked Sweet Potato, Hard boiled egg white, and broccoli

DSC_1016 DSC_1017

3:00, during class; protein bar.

DSC_0898 6:00 Stir fry with chicken, banana, and another sweet potato!

DSC_0818 (2)



I don’t know exactly who reads this.. but I do know there are only about 5 of you, so I’m going to get a little personal here. 

I’m somewhat of a hypochondriac in the sense that as I hear symptoms of things, I think I have it! Well, today in Nutrition we talked about protein deficiency.  I am AWARE that almost every health professional will tell you that it is very rare in the US to be protein deficient.  However, in the deepest part of my soul I want to be a vegetarian and have tried numerous times to cut out meat altogether.  Already we eat (or were eating) very little meat.  But a few symptoms of protein deficiency was a high Thyroid hormone and edema.   Well, last summer, as I had pretty much not eaten any meat for about 4 months, was when my TSH tested at 94! Very high!  At the same time, I believe water retention was causing extreme pain in my wrist and hips.  In the past week when I put a bit more meat back in my diet (the chicken), I have quickly lost 5 lbs, (water I’m assuming), and peeing like every 2 hours!  So, was I protein deficient before, and now I’m not.  Am I that bad at a Vegetarian diet that I wasn’t getting the appropriate amino acids I needed?  Am I dropping weight so fast because I’ve been holding onto water for soooo long?  And that’s my rambling.  It must have been that I’ve been deficient in PROTEIN????

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