Daily Meals

Body For Life Meals, Day 3

Tough workout this morning.  I went to the 4:50AM Pump Class!!!  THEN, I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes (3 miles).

Breakfast 7am:  4 Egg whites and a banana

DSC_0874 9am: 1 scoop protein powder in 8oz of water, with 1 cup raspberries

DSC_0889 Lunch: 11:30 am: Chicken, salad, 1/2 Cup wild rice, Grapes



Carrots, hummus, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, grapes

carrots and hummus cottage cheese and grapes







4:30: Protein Bar


6:00 salad and small bowl of potato cheese soup.


DSC_0915 DSC_0919

I made the soup for the Cub Scout Dinner, and had to try a little before I sent it!  I couldn’t send something gross, you know.  Anyway.  I decided to eat a little before I went so I wouldn’t be tempted by their pizza and cupcakes… and you know what…even though my salad ended up being gross because of the gross fat free, calorie free, sugar free ranch I put on it.. I wasn’t tempted to eat anything at the dinner!   I just spent the time taking photo’s of the boy’s and then it was over!!  Normally I would have been tempted by the homemade rolls.  But I knew if I had one, I would want more.  So, not even knowing how amazing they were, actually helped.

I must say, I’ve never given into my cravings for this long before! I don’t know what the difference is, or what my motivation is.  But I do know that I feel amazing!

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