Lehi Round Up Rodeo

Every June, Lehi decides to put on the best Rodeo on this side of the Mississippi!  We love going, listening to the loud music, and watching the crazy cowboys take the ride of their lives.

Lehi Roundup Rodeo Sign“Bucking”, whether it’s on horses or bulls, of course is our favorite event.  Honestly, each year when I watch, I think to myself- WHY would anyone want to do that!?

Cowboy on bucking horse

Sarah, Trevor, Michael, and Maddie came with us.

Erica and michael at Rodeo


Erica bought them snow cones, but somehow managed to use my money to do it. 😉

Erica eating a snow cone

And of course, you can’t forget Cecil the clown, who comes back every  year telling the same old jokes, and we love them!  Usually they are about crazy politicians or jokes about his wife.

cecil the clown


And of course, the rodeo wouldn’t be any fun at all if I couldn’t go there with this hottie:


Wade and Amy at RodeoWho happened to have a MASSIVE beetle land on his shirt in the middle of the rodeo!

2013-06-27 21.46.18-2



OK, maybe the real reason we go is for the stunt motorcycles! They are freaking awesome!Motorcycles at the rodeo Nate at Rodeo TJ at the Rodeo



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