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Malnutrition Monday

We had a guest speaker in our Nutrition class today that talked about Malnutrition and international nutrition. The speaker was able to do her RD masters internship in GHANA! What an experience.  Something a married mother of 3 in a masters program probably wouldn’t want to do.   But, with Wade being a Nurse and me an RD it would be great fun to serve a humanitarian mission when we are older to some of these third world countries.

Workout:  I did a lower body/ body for life workout, but I don’t think I lifted enough weight. I’m not even sore today, and I kind of wimped my way through it.

Breakfast: Camera battery dead… But oats and egg whites!




Lunch: Sweet potato and chicken and an avocado.


Snack: Avocado (the other half) chicken wrap (in the car, on the road).. and a huge bag of carrots.

DSC_1108 Snack: Pear and string cheese (in the car, on the way home this time)


Dinner: Roasted broccoli and chicken.


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