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Monday is always a new day

My plan was to go into the weekend without slipping up, or having a free meal. It didn’t exactly work out that way.  I sort of overdid it on Saturday.  I had a baby shower, and went to the Food Bloggers Bake sale.  If I thought I could withstand both events without enjoying the food, I was really wrong. Plus, at the baby shower, a girl brought some chocolate cake that she won $10,000 in a recipe contest for!! I had to try that! 

I am still sore from lower body Friday workout.  Any time I do walking lunges with weights, I DEFINITELY feel it for DAYS.  Here is a bit of the food I ate. (the good stuff only)

DSC_2079 DSC_2081








I have got to break this plateau. I feel like I haven’t improved in like 4 weeks.  This week, due to time constraints and trying to get through this plateau, I’m probably going to eat the same thing every day!   BOORRRING!   Not only boring for me, but makes for really boring blogging!!!  Sorry

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