Moving to the Hottentots

If anyone reading this knows me, you’ll know why I want to move to the Hottentots of Africa.  My Psyc 365 book states:

“Among the Hottentots of Africa, the condition known as steatopygia-enlargement of the buttocks- is considered a mark of great beauty, and the bigger the bottom the better!”

Finally, a place I can be appreciated!

Anyway- yesterday was horrible. I’m trying to get through this psyc class (Independent Study), and I thought it would be EASY! Not So!  I’ve submitted 4 assignments… and not doing so well on them.  I think I’ know the answers, and then they are wrong.  As a result of studying all day, and getting more and more frustrated, I ate,… and ate… and ate.  Funny thing was, the chapters were about eating, drinking, and aggression (It’s motivational psyc).  So I stopped tweeting my food, and instead, ate too much, gained another half pound. This is where it stops.  I was 125 this morning, and I really feel uncomfortable in my clothes when I’m above 125.  I always think the solution is to fast all day, to make up for it… but that only lasts me until about 8am.

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