Muscle Soreness

Yesterday was an awesome workout. I woke up today totally feeling it.  I did a 40  minute run/ walk on the treadmill.  Then ten reps of each of these exercises:

  • Prisoner squat
  • V-sit
  • push-up
  • Back Hyper
  • Squat (wide leg)
  • Leg toss
  • Push-up
  • 1 leg hip-up
  • crunch
  • push-up
  • prone 1 leg hip ext
  • single leg squat
  • toe toucher (like the v-sit)
  • push-up
  • back hyper with twist
  • 1 leg hip-up
  • side-up
  • lunge good morning
  • push-up
  • lunge walk
  • push up toe walk
  • prone flexed leg hip ext.

I am feeling it today in my chest and arms.  P9200071

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