Daily Meals, Nutrition

Tuesday- march 24th

This will be quick.  A 40 minute run on my treadmill.

More yummy cottage cheese pancakes. I think I had a banana too.


Second meal: A HUGE plate of Edamame. Plus stir fry chicken with broccoli, onions, and mushrooms.. all cooked in Yoshida sauce.. MMMMM.

DSC_1610 Third meal:  Protein shake- with protein powder and POM Juice

DSC_1513 Fourth Meal: Hard boiled egg with sweet potatoes

DSC_1616 Then it got a little fuzzy from there. I know I had these

DSC_1619 And then I made the YUMMIEST sweet potato crescent rolls, and ate two of them.  I would say I was weak, but I was actually pretty strong by only eating two!!


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