Daily Meals


This morning I went for a run. I went about 4 miles, but it took me almost an hour.  It was super dark though. I can’t wait till the sun starts coming up a bit earlier.

When I got back, I had egg whites and a banana.


Then I headed off to the elementary school to help TJ’s teacher, and then got a few groceries.  Time flies when you are running around, but good thing I had this protein bar.


MMM, then for lunch I had some wile rice and a chicken breast.  I made this last night to eat today, and I was soo glad I did.


Then I had to study.  I’m like Pavlov’s dog. I think every time I need to study, that I need popcorn now!  I’m watching Biochemistry video lectures, so it’s kind of nice to snack on popcorn.  Just like a movie, right?


Mid day, about when the kids were coming home, I had a pear and some greek yogurt.


Then, I had put together some bean soup (recipe here)! It was really really good!  So filling and so delicious!

DSC_1402Now, I really need to get off the computer.  I’ve got a ton of reading about Antioxidants to do before my Nutrition class today, we are having a quiz on the reading… so I must do it!      

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